Watch: Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa share lovely post amid breakup rumours

• Rumours emerged last week that the two celebs had gone their separate ways something they have both being cagey about.

Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi
Image: Instagram

Despite breakup rumours that went viral a week ago, actor Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa seem to still be going strong as far as making money goes.

The actor and the former Crossover host crossposted a promotional video with Grace and their little daughter for a Valentine's phone offer.

They each tagged each other on their individual IG accounts as many couples who work together normally do.

In the video, Pascal holds their daughter while Grace sleeps. The video shot in an Airbnb shows him smiling as he looks at her napping.

In a brief caption promoting the phone, Pascal writes about the phone offer plus a cheeky note that can be interpreted in many ways.

"Lipa pole pole is also allowed just in case you find yourself troubled on how to surprise your mpoa who intentionally means so much to you this love season."

Within minutes of posting it, his followers all appeared to want more information from the actor about the state of his marriage.

This has created even more confusion for his fanbase who are not sure what the lovely family video means.

Many are saying that celebrities are now teaching Kenyans about their insatiable thirst for gossip with content is to show that we should mind our business in 2024.

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