Watch: Fans rebuke Marakwet Daughter over viral 'poop' video

• Before deactivating the comments section, her provocative video had triggered diverse reactions from social media users.

Marakwet Daughter
Image: Courtesy

Millicent Jepkorir, the well-known Kenyan artist, commonly referred to as Marakwet Daughter and recognised for her hit track ‘Mali Safi Chito,’ recently stirred up a social media frenzy with a TikTok video addressing alleged trolls within her followers.

In the now widely circulated video, the musician cautioned that spreading negativity, asserting her readiness to block anyone engaging in what she considered harmful behaviour.

After blocking several individuals, she confidently asserted her peace of mind and advised them to express their opinions elsewhere.

“You are used to using bad language on my comment section. Mumezoea sanaa kupupuu inbox yangu pale TikTok, pupuu sasa hapa. Nkt!” she expressed her frustration towards her followers.

Before deactivating the comments section, her provocative video had triggered diverse reactions from social media users, some expressing discontent and others offering advice on a more diplomatic approach.

Some of the comments are below:

Robert Korir Marly: You don’t mind apologizing for what you posted on TikTok, claiming ‘tupupuu kwa inbox yako,’ Marakwet Daughter! It has not sat well with your followers; I don’t know if you’re even aware of the remaining followers and subscribers! Anyway, I will not be personal because at the end of the day, maisha ni yako; you can make it or bottle it.

Ndung’u Nyoro: I pray MALI SAFI artists get mentors and, if possible, managers. She is good but needs guidance.

Honourable Kiprono: “My life is just focused on what you’re doing. Leave me alone; my plans and yours are not the same.”

Naftali Koech: You are losing fans day by day.

Recently the musician gave the one stipulation she had for men who would want to marry her.

In an interview with vloggers, the Kalenjin singer denied being in a relationship, despite occasionally sharing photos with different men on social media.

Speaking about her relationship status, Millicent stated, "Having a man is not a bad thing, but I think for now, I have not yet gone to church. As you can see, I do not have a ring. I am still in the market. Get me out. But don't come without a plan. Or you'll know that you don't know. I am still in the market like dates."

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