Issues that caused Bahati's son to go back home so soon after joining boarding school

• Morgan joined the boarding school early last month with Bahati sharing the news through various social media pages.

Bahati and his son Morgan
Image: Instagram

The adopted son of singer Kelvin 'Bahati' Kioko, Morgan Bahati, has returned home just a few weeks after being sent to a boarding primary school.

Bahati's wife, Diana Marua, revealed the news of Morgan's return during a vlog on her YouTube channel, suggesting that the 13-year-old boy may have experienced 'homesickness' that caused him to miss being at home.

The blogger disclosed that their foster son called home and complained about several issues he faced since being sent to the boarding school.

"You all know that Morgan went to study at a boarding school. You know what? He's back. He missed being home," Diana Marua revealed.

She added, "He said, 'this school, things are different, things have changed, I have a stomachache, I'm vomiting, I can't stay with anything. It reached a point where he said he was having a panic attack. I wondered what is happening in this world!"

The mother of three hinted that things might have been challenging for Morgan at school since he was accustomed to a smoother life at home.

"You know he was used to waking up, going to make sausage, cheese, bacon, noodles, then he comes and puts them there, eats, and drinks juice. Then he opens the fridge and takes out what he wants.

"Here he used to wake up at four, five o'clock. During school, he wakes up at twelve-thirty. School starts at ten. He called and said he's having a panic attack, not feeling well," the blogger said in the video.

Diana mentioned that after the 13-year-old complained, they went to the school, took him to the hospital, and allowed him to rest at home while monitoring his condition.

Morgan joined the boarding school early last month with Bahati sharing the news through various social media pages, accompanied by pictures of him and Morgan wearing complete school uniforms.

Along with the photos was a heartfelt letter from Bahati to his son, recounting the challenging times they went through and expressing hope that God would be proud of the blessings they received.

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