Pastor Ng'ang'a - 2 of my 6 guitars are worth 1 million

• The man of God normally plays the instrument for his large congregation unlike many clerics who only preach.

Pastor Ng'ang'a

Neno Evangelism Founder Pastor Nganga now says his guitars are worth millions. The man of God is known for his guitar skills which he showcases in church during worship.

He now says purchasing guitars worth that amount was a testament of his love for God and music. "My guitar is worth 700K plus."

Showcasing another guitar, the man of God added

"This other one is worth 350,000. It was customized. This shows the deep love I have for music. I have 6 of these and none of these is below 200K"

Ng'ang'a is known for his flashy lifestyle. In 2023 he shared that his phone is worth more than 100K.

"This mine cost me Sh 240,000. I was given Sh 160,000 by someone to buy a phone then I topped it up.

So why would you want to buy this phone? You know I don't usually use every application on this phone. I only use WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. However, I bought it because of my class. If we go to a meeting I just place it on the table," the pastor said.

Nga'ng'a revealed that even though he was discouraging his congregants from splashing money on pricey phones, he uses a phone worth Sh240,000.

He went on to however ask his congregation not to compare themselves with him as they are in completely different social classes.

He admitted to having purchased the phone mainly as a status symbol and the "respect" that comes with owning such a gadget.

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