Amber Ray has last laugh on haters wishing this fate on her after daughter's birth

• The couple had a few issues last year that even culminated with them splitting up for a some weeks but they are now closer than ever.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has addressed her critics, asserting that they are left disappointed as her daughter, Baby Africanah, shares a striking resemblance with her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo.

In a social media post capturing moments of motherhood, Amber Ray, whose real name is Faith Makau, stated that her detractors were eagerly anticipating an opportunity to criticize her.

However, she believes that God had different plans, evident in the uncanny resemblance between the eight-month-old baby and businessman Rapudo.

“I know those who dislike me were waiting for Africanah not to resemble her dad so they could insult me and called me a streetwalker. But who is God?” she shared on Instagram.

Amber Ray's post
Image: Screengrab

Much of the speculation questioning the paternity of Amber's daughter stemmed from her close friendships with her ex-boyfriends, something she addressed late-last year when she and Kennedy were having some issues.

The socialite who had been seen with ex-Zaheer Jhanda in a club during her October visit to Kisii, asserted that they were just friends and not romantically involved, stressing that they had maintained a good friendship even after their past breakup.

"No, no no. We used to have something, uko nyuma, but now we are friends. I believe he came there to support me."

She dismissed any notions of rekindling a romantic relationship and highlighted her approach to maintaining connections with ex-partners.

"I never burn bridges, I think I talk to all my exes, it's not like we talk on an everyday basis," she explained,

She pointed out that despite their public appearances together, there is no secret romantic involvement, and they both have their own lives.

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