Maina Kageni speaks against femicide

Whats making our young men animals- Maina asked on the morning conversation

Maina Kageni and Mwalim King'ang'i

Maina Kageni was speaking against femicide on the morning conversation. The radio personality said the march against femicide that happened this weekend was remarkable. 

He however asked "The question is why are our young men bitter? Whats making our young men animals?"

A caller said;

"The notion of I am my brother;'s keeper is not now. We don't care about whats happening now and this is a very big wake up call. We can do something and mentor boys because most of them don't have father figures, how to treat women and how to move forward as a society."

Check out reactions from X;

Maximalist: Women have raised their voices and they have been heard. Now it's time for authorities to act and expedite justice for affected families. Whether young men are enraged or not #MainaAndKingangi we as a society can't condone any form of violence against women. End of discussion.

Christaneus Wandera: The expectations young men have in relationships right now are too high and when they do not get what they expect they turn their minds to doing wild acts. Help me wish the future mother of my kids a happy belated birthday....... happy birthday MARY KARUKU enjoy your day

Shifa Rehman: There is a strange take over of occultism in Kenya where before we as a nation were God conscious the generation at the moment is very materialistic and respect for one another is no longer a thing,let's bring back the society of unity & love we used to have

Jennifer Kanyiri: The men who react this way is a reflection of the life's bitterness they have inside within themselves so they are projecting into others, so the girlfriend or spouse becomes the easy target ,,they should learn to deal with life problems and traumas #MainaAndKingangi

Kibe254:  When empowering the young generation we should also let them know that violence doesn't solve any issue...the society has failed..

Double Boy: As for me killing should stop for men, women and children. Everyone has a right to life and live.

Uncle Zack: I blame today's upbringing. Nowadays parents care less of their children's whereabouts, who they hang out with, and what they are up to. The society isn't condeming the immoral acts going on, so these kids feel they are perfectly doing okay...

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