You must have a boring life!! Esther Passaris tells off woman who booed at her during Demos

• Many questioned why the politician has been quiet despite the femicides happening in the country.

• Passaris is Nairobi Women Rep.

Esther Passaris
Image: Mpasho

Nairobi Women rep Esther Passaris has found herself on the wrong side of KOT.

Her woes started yesterday after she was heckled during the #ENDFEMICIDES peaceful march held in the CBD.

A tweep user by the name  Tracy Ruo bragged about how she had booed Esther Passaris.

Not one to take things lying down, Esther responded

"Really BOOED @EstherPassaris! Best thing I’ve done in a long time. We really need to boo these politicians whenever we see them! WE ARE TIRED OF MEDIOCRITY! 

To which the politician responded

"You must have a boring life if the best thing you have done in a long time was booing me. By the way. You might have worn a t shirt, carried a placard, and drank water financed by @NGAAF_KE for today’s march. #getalife #loveconquerseverything"

Kenyans have had different opinions on how this 'conversation ' played out and here are their responses.

@NjeriBt: I think the issue is ppl felt you did too little too late, considering. Perhaps this is an opportunity to put in place some frameworks to fight the misogyny that plays a huge factor in femicide.

@CyprineKeriga: I thought @NGAAF_KE is a government institution, I didn't know it belonged @EstherPassaris anyway. I hope something is being done to stop femicide beyond today's march.

@chrisekai: NGAAF does not belong to you. Its taxpayer's money.

@geriatricabound: You have work to do Esther. Stop this childish tantrum and behave like the adult woman in leadership that you are.

@mamma_digital: It wasn't time for politics. Our female leaders have failed us and we're tired of it.

@ibnalyyaman: yeah this arrogance is why you were heckled. you ignored a plight that is core to the role you hold. and those people who booed you finance NGAAF, it’s not your primary fund, it belongs to Kenyans. Shame on you! instead of remorse + accountability, you’re just doubling up on pride.

@crazycoollush: Instead of you questioning why you were booed and going back home to reflect on what you need to do to change our opinion of you which is to do your actual job of being a woman rep this is your response. Honestly shameful and disgraceful!

@m_uthoni_: How's a t-shirt and water helping us end femicide? Also, do you think we were out marching for free merch?Tokea Uthiru tuzirudishe zote! Anyway 2027 asubuhi na mapema the tens of thousands you saw march today will come and make sure to vote you out! Promise


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