Carol Katrue calls out Miracle Baby's other baby mamas & those 'killing' him online

• Carol also called out her man's other baby mamas for abandoning him and leaving her all alone to take care of him.

carol katrue shaves dreadlocs
carol katrue shaves dreadlocs

Vernacular artist and digital content creator Carol Katrue has slammed netizens spreading malicious lies online that her baby daddy, Gengetone artist-turned-Mugithi singer Peter Mwangi popularly known as Miracle Baby has passed away.

Carol also called out her man's other baby mamas for abandoning him and leaving her all alone to take care of him.

While speaking during an interview with a local publisher, Carol Katrue revealed she had no idea that people out there were carrying out the distasteful social media death hoaxes with Miracle Baby's life up until she started receiving overwhelming calls and texts of condolences. 

She went on to reassure their fans and the online community that the artist was very much alive and slowly recuperating. In a her moment of rage, Carol Katrue did a reverse uno wishing death upon all those individuals who had decided to "kill" her man and cause worry among her inner circle with their comments.

"Kuna watu fulani wanapost TikTok na Facebook ati R.I.P. So nimekua nikireceive calls so watu wanaiambia ati 'pole' so nauliza munaniambia pole ju ya nini exactly?

So ningetaka kuclarify ju simu zimekua zikiingia mingi siwezi chukua zote. Peter ako sawa hajakufa so mwenye anajaribu kumuua yeye ndo atakufa wa kwanza," Carol animatedly said.


Angrily calling out her fellow baby mamas who have sired kids with her boyfriend, the digital content creator noted that not even one had made a phone call to inquire about Miracle Baby's health at the very least.

She went on to note that some of them weren't even really his baby mama's and were just dragging his name for clout.

The conversation came up after the interviewer posed the question, "Baby mama wamekua wakimfaitia where are they? (Where are the baby mamas who have been fighting for him?)" to Carol Katrue.

Responding to this she said; 

"Hawako mi sijaona ata mmoja. Ata ile kupiga simu kuuliza ako aje hakuna ata mmoja.

 Hao wanatokeanga, walikua wanafanya hivyo wapate jina ju ata wengine walikua wa kujiwekelea si wa ukweli," she said.

The ailing singer has been hospitalized since January 16, 2024, when he was rushed for medical attention.

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