Zari: I thought I'd get married to a rich man

Zari is married to Shakib Cham, a Ugandan man

Zari Hassan and her husband, Shakib Cham
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan has said that as a child, she dreamnt of walking down the aisle with a wealthy man. She saw herself wearing Satin gold and living the good life.

Zari told BBC Swahili that as she grew up, she realized that that was the life she really wanted and had to personally work for it.

"Did you ever dream of having a life like this?" She was asked

She responded;

"I used to think I will get married to a rich man, I wear gold but I said it is not easy. When I realized I wanted a good life, I got the motivation to say I don't really come from a rich family but it was my responsibility."


"I said I wanted a good life and that has been my motivation in life to say I want a good life."

Zari is married to Ugandan man Shakib Cham. In June, Zari callled out trolls who spoke about the age difference between her and her hubby.

"People are like, you are dating a child, he almost your son's age, he's not even 18. Really? The brighter side of life right now is that you get to know my husband and he's a fully grown man. And he's not a child, okay?"

Zari confirmed that her birth date is "23rd September 1980, my family knows that, my mother, my parents, my siblings and the people that I went to school with."

She added, "And my man is 30 plus."

Zari had also addressed the same issue in a past Instagram video.

"I've been asked why are you dating a younger man. I've actually people coming to say oh your son is so cute. Ah no. My boyfriend is not young."

"My boyfriend is not young. So he is not young He does look young. I am literally turning 42 this year but you wouldn't tell unless you know me."

"Unless you know ah she's got older kids. If you happen not to know me for instance if you didn't know me before and I pop up with Tiffah and Nillan you would probably think oh those are the only kids she has. But you know it can kinda looks like he is too old. She has kids."

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