Phil Karanja denies repossessing Kate Actress' BMW' over alleged new lover

• The sh3.5mil car was a push gift for welcoming their daughter Njeri.

• Phil and Kate agreed to sell the car.

Kate Actress and Phil Karanja
Image: Instagram

Phil Karanja aka Phil Director repossessed and sold a BMW Car gifted as a push gift to his now ex-wife Kate actress.

Phil has denied taking it back, instead saying they both agreed to sell the vehicle.

On his Instagram stories, Phil wrote

"Najua Udaku Hukuwa Tamu however wacheni fake stories"


"I acknowledge that the blogs are to be sold and you have had your fun. I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent and there are no disputes with Kate contrary to any portrayal suggesting otherwise" he concluded.

Phil made sure to tag Kate indicating it is a joint statement.

Kate reposted the statement adding more thoughts about it

"Kindly redirect that energy to watching the new season of Becoming CEO. We ain't about that life poleni and thank you" she pointed out.

Allegations were rife that the BMW she had been gifted by Phil was back in his hands after a story by a local news outlet went viral.

The article alleged the BMW X3 was repossessed with Phil supposedly saying he had regrets buying a car that proved to be super expensive to maintain.

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back to Uber.”

The sh3.5mil car was a push gift for welcoming their daughter Njeri.

phil karanja denies taking back kates BMW
phil karanja denies taking back kates BMW

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