Signs that you are in the wrong relationship according to Sam West

• Bad partners do not come with a sticker.

• It is important not t ignore red flags when you notice any.

Sam West

Dating in this modern day is very easy.

It is practically 'Kuoga na kurudi soko'.

But the big question is how do you know if the person you are dating is the one?

Below are signs you are in the wrong relationship

You have to make yourself 'invisible' to please them

 If someone loves you they embrace you for who you are and do not try to change you.

If the person you are dating suddenly wants you to change your friends, how you dress, or how you live life then you need to think twice

You do not see a future with the person

If you love someone, you think of what the future would be with them in it.

If such thoughts never cross your mind. It means you are with the wrong person.

You are never happy

Ever been in a relationship that constantly feels like a war zone?

If you are always arguing or fighting with your 'better half' chances are you are dating the wrong person.

Your friends and family are concerned about your relations

Being in love makes us blind to people's shortcomings, in some instances such mistakes can affect us in future..

He is driving you away from building a relationship with God

A man who loves you would never want to take you away from God

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