Magix Enga's photo post leaves Kenyans in deep concern for him

• The singer has been going through a tough period in 2023 and even asked President William Ruto for financial support.

Magix Enga
Image: Instagram

Dozens of Magix Enga fans have expressed their concern after the famous Kenyan producer and singer made a shocking statement on his social media pages.

Through his Instagram account, the talented artist posted a gruesome photo of his swollen face.

In a statement, he revealed that someone he didn't name tried to kill him while he was on the street.

"Karibu niuliwe na hater Hapa kwa streets God ako na mimi ❤️🙏🏿 tomorrow is another day we give thanks," the producer wrote.

The producer, who has worked with some of Kenya's biggest artists, however, did not give more details about what happened.

Following the update, dozens of netizens including fellow artists have come forward to express their concern about the fate of the producer and also to plead with other Kenyans to help him.

Read some of the comments below:

Officialmasauti: Daah magixx

Steve_muriuki: Huyu mwanaume anahitaji usaidizi wa kitaalamu. Tutapoteza mmoja wa wazalishaji bora nchini Kenya. Hizi posts mtazikumbuka wakati haihitaji.

Isaac_kaberere: Wacha pombe.

Dennisatwoli: Utaamka tena, kuna mwanga mwishoni mwa handaki.

_chavez_xx: Karibu wampige

Wanati_street: Huyu morio anapitia walai

Dj_flickyfit254: Huyu jamaa ana tatizo.. kinda depressed banaa.

About two months ago, the talented music producer came out for the first time and cried bitterly about how he had been struggling.

Through his Facebook page, he uploaded a picture of himself holding his son and crying that he has tried hard to hide his pain but he has reached the end because everything he was trying to do wasn't productive.

He opened up that despite doing a lot of music with many artists, he has never benefited financially from any of that work.

The artist said that despite things going wrong for him, he believed that he was still the best beat producer around.

"I still believe I am the best producer. For example, Gengetone's song that people liked, that is, the most popular song is Mamiondoko, which I have not benefited from, Digidigi from Arrow Boy, which has more than 10,000,000 views, I have not earned a single cent from it.  At the moment I have no job," he cried.

He ended by saying that he is a new father with a young child who is dependent on him but has no way to provide him with a good upbringing.

Due to his plight, he asked President William Ruto to give him support from financial to artistic support.

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