'Angenimaliza!' Akothee on co-parenting with one of her baby daddy's

• The 43-year-old singer said this while receiving her two boys who have been living in France with her third baby daddy.

Image: Instagram

Musician Esther Akoth aka Akothee was full of excitement on Thursday evening as she welcomed her two sons, Prince Oyoo and Prince Ojwang, back to Kenya.

The 43-year-old singer received the two boys who have been living in France with Akothee's third baby daddy, Mr. Dominic Decherf, at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and could not hide her joy when she watched them arrive at the passenger waiting area.

"The children are here, let the party begin," the singer said in a video of her welcoming her sons which she posted on her social media pages.

The mother of five continued to talk about the challenges of working together in parenting, pointing out that it has not been easy with her 2nd baby daddy who is from Switzerland.

In her statement, she hinted at the stubbornness of the Swiss man revealing that her 3rd baby daddy, Dominic Decherf aka Papa Oyoo is their mediator whenever things go wrong, which according to her is very normal.

"Do you think you have challenges in co-parenting? Wait until he ignores the instructions issued by the law the same court he took himself," Akothee said.

She added, "I thank God for Father Oyoo the mediator, this other one would have finished me."

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