Carol Katrue-Why I publicly exposed lady texting Miracle Baby with cheating claims

• The lady had told Miracle that she had evidence that Carol was going to an AirBnB in Ng'ong to cheat.

Carol Katrue with Miracle Baby
Image: Instagram

Mugithi/genge singer Carol Katrue is a woman who will defend her marriage to the last. On Thursday, Dec 14, she leaked conversations supposedly between her man Peter Miracle Babay, and a woman claiming Katrue has been cheating.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Katrue defended exposing the chats. In the chats with Peter Miracle Baby, the woman tells him that Katrue has been going to an Airbnb in Ng'ong, and has proof.

Katrue on Thursday leaked screenshots on her Instagram stories, blasting women for being busybodies.

"Wanawake mtafute kitu ya kufanya, yani this b is texting my husband late telling him nonsense. Enyewe mko na guts tafuteni kitu ingine hii imekataa," she ranted.

The woman in the screenshots asks Peter for money to send him pictures and videos.

"Tuma hata 5k ndio nitume siwezi tuma tuu hivyo coz I have even showed you the face of the sponsor hata number will send u," said the text.

Peter then supposedly tells the woman that the picture she sent could be photoshopped, "Io si evidence picture naeza ata mimi kutumia."

Katrue described their actions as painful, telling Mungai Eve in the interview that,

"Someone who wants to expose your affair does not ask for money. They drop the details online," she argued her point

"I know those are his baby mamas clout chasing, kuja tupelekane mbele."

It has always been said Peter has many baby mamas, which Carol confirmed "Wanakuanga mbogi" she told Mungai.

Mungai asked Katrue why she was always bothered by them.

"I know I said I would calm down once I gave birth. Right now tutapelekana. I have always kept quiet but this time kuja. Expose me, don't even crop my pictures, find another way to chase clout."

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