'I aim for 2 years clean' Ronoh opens up on battling alcoholism

• She has been in rehab twice.

• Rono hopes to beat alcoholism.

Chebet Ronoh

Digital content creator Deborah Chebet Ronoh  in a candid Instagram post has laid her soul bare to her thousands of fans and followers, revealing she fell off the bandwagon and killed her sobriety streak.

Ronoh shared a screen grab of an app she is using to keep track of her days and so far she has had clean 8 days, alcohol free! The young creator noted she was aiming for 2 years and was hoping God would walk with her and make it possible.

"I love being open and real, it's just how I am and the way I function," started off the 22 year old university student.

On why she decided to share such a low moment with the general public, Ronoh maintained that she often felt alien as an influencer and social media personality noting that she feels she doesn't belong thus has no need for perfection and striving to impress people.

"I often believe I don't fit in this industry because of it, I don't wear a mask or hide my vulnerable moments because that's just how I am.

Emotional and multifaceted yes it's separated me from "Where I should be" but it's who I am. I don't know how to fake anything so I refuse to "keep the momentum going" even in my low moments," the YouTube content creator added.

She went on to add that she knows she struggles with the bottle but she was hoping that with the coming days she'd do better and be better.

"Alcoholism is something I've suffered with for a min due to my traumatic experiences but I know in due time God will fully restore me.

Today I aim for 2 years clean, I know it won't be easy but may I bare witness to His grace," the last of her post read.

Chebet has been vocal about her struggle with alcoholism revealing she has been to rehab twice in a bid to try better herself and have a handle on her life.

She revealed she got addicted to alcohol as when she first started drinking she was doing so in order to escape from her reality.

Sending love and light to Ronoh as she navigates this journey.

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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