Miss Trudy's desperate plea for hubby after being away from social media

• The YouTuber is married to Ghanaian content creator Berthold Ackorn popularly known as Wode Maya.

Miss Trudy

Kenyan content creator Miss Trudy has been missing online for a month and a half. She disappeared without announcing her exit, and that got the attention of her loving fans.

She has returned to her YouTube to reveal that it's because of cyberbullying that has been detrimental to her mental health.

"It's been so long and unfortunately I had to. I didn't want to but my hands were tied."

The YouTuber also added that she was reading comments that had been overwhelming.

"So the reason I have been gone honestly is because I have been indisposed. I was trying to just be okay. I never thought that I would ever be away from YouTube for a month. Sometimes guys it's not intentional."

According to Trudy, her Ghanaian husband has been facing abuse about it. 

"I want to make one thing clear I have some of you guys who have been so concerned and that's so sweet, but the problem is you've been on Maya's case, like DM'ing him, attacking him, sending him messages all over social media, asking him what have you done with Miss Trudy.

That's sweet but at the same time it's really not right because you guys also need to understand that Maya is the sweetest guy out there. He is my best friend."

She called for an end to bullying him,

"He is my biggest support system, he doesn't deserve to get negative messages because I've been away. I understand that guys think it's the man's fault but it's not the case. Reach out in a kind way."

She added that fighting back with cyberbullies made the situation worse.

"It gets to a time in life you just have to breathe so I had to go away. Imback now. While I was away I have done a lot of soul searching."

She therefore decided to step back from her channels. She will be announcing further plans soon.

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