Kenyans react humorously as Moi University celebrates gate launch ceremony

• Kenyans are amused that learning institution is going to such lengths to unveil the gate

The entrance gate to Moi University Eldoret has gone viral. The gigantic architectural design was showcased Monday, December 11 as the contractor handed over the gate to the institution administration.

The handover ceremony saw hundreds of staff converge at the gate to admire the structure.

"Happening NOW…Official Handing Over of The University Gate by the Contractor Today, Monday 11th December 2023," read a notice on its Facebook page.

The social media also shared several pictures. The Moi University Main Campus joins other prestigious schools unveiling how elaborate everything is.

Kenyans are amused that learning institution is going to such lengths to unveil the gate. They have taken note that while is a beautiful structure, there is a need to focus on more pressing needs to do with education.

Read some of the comments below;

Gold Bouy - G-Bouy  ·...Welcome to Moi University Where opening a gate ìs a celebration 

John Kamau  ·...Soo beautiful in deed.

@prof_essor11...Wanacelebrate gate badala ya academic success

@siammuh....Just a gate? I wish they were launching a new laboratory or ICT hub

@asknyaora·...Moi University, what is it with this gate? Educate me please

@TuJadili...Shame on all of you for lining up to launch a gate at an academic institution. You should be launching research projects.

@GFInfinity51...Not sure where this culture came from. Serious universities are investing in research and world class labs. Not world-class gates.

@sym_mike...While other institutions are parading innovations, the Yamune Highschool limited is shamelessly showcasing a school gate.

@MochereM....gate ya 60M na shule haina fence, what is the essence of the gate??

@OkwatchHe....Paying lecturers on time is where you draw the line

@eunicevetu·...A gate???? Gate??? A whole university having a ceremony to handover a gate????

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