Burna Boy gives boastful reason many Nigerians don't like him

• The artiste has a love-hate relationship with his mother country despite arguably being their biggest musical export.

Burna Boy
Image: Instagram

Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian artiste, has explained why he is "hated" in the music industry. He claims that his "little ones" look down on him because he has no "elders".

The controversial singer posted this on his X page on Saturday when he wrote, "I'm hated by my younger siblings musically for not having older ones," while sharing a photo of himself.

It should be noted that Burna Boy has repeatedly claimed that he is hated by many people especially citizens from his country Nigeria.

The musician said in the song 'Thank You,' from his current album, I Told Them, that Nigerians don't thank him enough despite making the country proud "every chance I get."

He said that instead of Nigerians appreciating his great musical contribution to the nation, they spread rumours that his mother was one of the dancers of late Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti.

Some others even claimed lack of potency could be the reason why he does not have a baby mama like many of his colleagues. 

The artist a few weeks ago asked all online journalists to stop writing about him, indicating that he was happy to pay them any amount of money to completely stop mentioning his name in their news.

On his X account, formerly known as Twitter on Friday, Burna Boy wrote, "How far. all these Instablog, PulseNg e.t.c, they all hold a meeting and then decide how much I will give them all to make you forget my name completely. I know say I have never paid before so I say make me drive in the end. I greet my brothers!!"

His post sparked mixed reactions, with some fans warning him that he will be "forgotten" if bloggers stop covering him.

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