KRG responds to Kwambox 'tuifanye kinyumbani'

Kwambox had previously thrown shade at KRG during today's Kiss FM morning show

KRG The Don

KRG The Don has responded to Kiss FM presenter Kwambox who said that comedianne Elsa Majimbo does not lose sleep over him.

This is after KRG said he will be offering millions of money to the comedienne to denounce her Kenyan citizeship. 

Speaking in Gusii language, the rapper told Kwambox that;

"Kwambox wacha nikuambie ukweli wewe ni wa nyumbani. Haya maneno umeanza kuleta hii Nairobi si mazuri. Kwa sahii wacha nipigie watu Kisii tufanye kinyumbani. KRG hapo mahali ameongea kikisii Kwa sahii wacha nipigie watu Kisii tufanye/tumalize kinyumbani."

Kwambox had previously thrown shade at KRG during today's Kiss FM morning show.

"Not in a bad way but Elsa aint losing no sleep over you. KRG to her is probably a number plate her dad had."

"She's hanging out with Beyonce, the world knows her name, at this point we just nedd to accept the haters took the L and Elsa won," She concluded.

On Majimbo's decision to relocate from Kenya, Kwambox said;

"I don't blame her. We all saw the hate play out on Twitter (X). Even now, there are people who still hate on her, just for existing. The girl got fed up."

"She is on the right track, how do you make someone feel hated in their country, that they choose to leave, then there's a real problem."

Majimbo asked Kenyans to show her when and where she said she hated Kenya. KRG then took a jab at her.

"I want to pay this young blood Sh760 million to cease being Kenyan coz She made small and silly money and thought Kenya as a country is a disgrace to her!!!"

"Kenya is the best country in the entire world if you make the right move."

Majimbo had previously said she experienced colorism in Kenya.

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