Why Fahyvanny doesn't mind Rayvanny having a one-night stand with another woman

• She said that musician's dating past show that he is truly a complete man.

Rayvanny with Fahyvanny
Image: Instagram

The beautiful Fahyvanny has revealed that she cannot be hurt or heartbroken if her lover, Rayvanny, decides to date another beautiful woman.

Fahyma, who went live on her Instagram, said that those who think that she will be hurt knowing that Rayvanny once had an affair with another beautiful woman are just wasting their time, saying that Rayvanny's act of cheating on her is just as normal as being helped.

“Sasa wewe mwanamume wangu, ukiniambia eti ndio anamfanya mtu Fulani unadhani ndio unaniumiza au? Wala siumii, nasaidiwa mimi,”  Fahyvanny said.

The mother of one child who got back together with Rayvanny in March this year said that what keeps her from getting hurt is the assurance she got from Rayvanny that she is the beautiful dream woman for the artist from Next Level Music.

She said that Rayvanny's dating past show that he is truly a complete man. “Maana mimi ndio the best wife in town, halafu yule mwanamume ni lijali, na angekuwa hana hizo skendo ningekuwa hata na mimi nasema ‘eeh huyu mwanamume mbona sisikii’ ningekuwa nasema ‘vipi huyu’ lakini yuko vizuri, namuamini, acha atembeze kichapo.

Hata akitoa laki 5 kwa one-night stand sio mbaya. Halafu akimaliza anarudi kwa mke wake hapa anatoa milioni 10,” said Fahyma.

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