Ferdinand Omondi shares details of life after leaving BBC

• Omondi set up a consultancy firm after leaving BBC.

• He has thanked his wife for allowing him leave the country for attachment.

Ferdinand Omondi kissing his wife
Image: Instagram

Former BBC reporter Ferdinand Omondi has shared details of what he has been up to after he quit his job at the world's renowned media house.

Through his socials, Omondi shared that he graduated, and started a business among other things.

"Today, I reserve my heartfelt gratitude, praise, and adoration for the most important support system of my adult life.

I cannot put into words how much support my wife has given me which has made me achieve the milestones I mark as 2023 ends. I moved on from the BBC, set up my consultancy, and graduated first class- all within 7 months."

He went on to admit that things have not been easy on him, but the support of his wife has kept him going.

"It's been a whirlwind voyage, only steadied by your assuring presence and calm affirmation. You helped me settle into the uncertainty of distance learning during the height of COVID-19, supporting me through long nights of sleeping at 2 AM and planning all my leave days according to my exam dates.

Never mind that we had only started dating seriously at the same time."

A proud Ferdinand Omondi graduating
Image: Instagram

Omondi went on to assure his wife that his success belonged to both of them,

"You gracefully accepted my decision to leave the country for one year on a development attachment barely two months after our wedding.

This year I also transitioned from employment to consultancy. The knowledge, assurance, and affirmation that you have my back has made my journey stress-free and helped me thrive in record time.

Njeri-Omondi, my success is yours. My victories are yours. My future is yours. I wouldn't have been here without your unfettered support. I got a first-class degree, but I am more grateful for a first-class wife. Thank you."

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