Eric Omondi claims someone paid the Sh50 million price for daughter's face reveal

• The comedian has said that he would do it on Thursday this week.

Lynne with Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi has finally announced that he will be revealing his daughter's face three months after her birth.

Omondi said that this is after one person whom he did not identify by name attained the condition he had set for her face to be seen.

"Someone Has Arrived!!! Bazuuu has paid for you to see PRINCESS ❤😍...This Thursday at 10 am," Omondi said.

It will be remembered three months ago before his daughter was born, Omondi had made it clear that he would not post his daughter's image on the internet unless someone offered 50 million shillings.

"Unveiling my child's face will not be easy," Omondi said. "In order for me to show my child's face, I will need to be paid Ksh 50 million.

Whoever gives that amount, even if it is a newspaper, will show his face. My child's face is very rare and precious."
Omondi jokingly said that he kept the fee low, considering the difficult economic situation facing the country.

The decision to be paid for the exposure of his daughter's face has created mixed feelings, with some questioning the comedian's intentions while others expressed understanding about his financial needs.

Regardless of public opinion, Omondi has remained firm in his position, stressing the value of privacy and the need to protect his daughter's image.

All eyes will be on Omondi on Thursday as he prepares to reveal the face of his daughter, Kyla, to the world.

The revelation, shrouded in anticipation and intrigue, is sure to generate a lot of buzz and media attention.

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