My first born would have been six years- Kambua

Kambua speaks about her life experiences in her podcast 'Being Kambua'

Image: Instagram

 Gospel minister Kambua says sometimes, as an angel mother, it is hard to introduce herself. The 'Usiku Na Mchana' hitmaker said this while introducing herself to new subscribers of her podcast 'Being Kambua.'

 "My name is Kambua (@kambuamuziki ). I am a mother of two (or three, or four)? Nathaniel is my 4 YO, and Nathalie is my 1+ . My baby boy Malachi would be 2, he Iives in heaven now. My first baby would have been six.So you see how complicated it is for angel moms to introduce themselves… some people get it, others don’t, and that’s ok."

Kambua describes her podcast as a safe space that break stigma and taboos surrounding women.

"I began this community because I realized the shocking ignorance surrounding infertility, miscarriages, child loss, and overall maternal health.We can’t carry on with business as usual while women (and men) are falling through the cracks." She wrote on Instagram

She added;

"In this space you will get educated, you will learn how to sympathize and empathize. We will, together learn how to hold space for one another. Because when we know better, we do better. For every person who feels that they don’t have the courage to share their story publicly as my guests graciously have, it’s ok. We will speak for you.I love you all for being here." she wrote

When she first started the podcast a few weeks ago, Kambua started off by telling her story. In the first video, she thanked her later dad, Professor Manundu for being who he was to her.

"I remember telling him, thank you for protecting me, for fighting for me, thank you for loving us...for being such a selfless dad. I think it had taken me such a long time to get to a place where I could tell him we will be okay if you have to go, you don't have to me strong for us."

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