Chef Maliha faints while trying to break guiness world record

Maliha shared a video receiving care from medics

Chef Maliha
Chef Maliha

Chef Maliha Mohammed reportedly fainted due to fatigue while trying beak the Guinness world record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Her target is 140 hours plus.

Maliha shared a video receiving care from medics and wrote;

"I am a conqueror and a marathon runner. Nothing is bringing us down. To the finish line we go," she wrote on her Instagram stories

While announcing her plan to break the record, she wrote;

"It has been a long journey of hard work,resilience, passion, shortcomings, endurance, tests and trials and small wins, one thing that will read in everything that is put out there is that I NEVER GAVE UP!Your dreams should not have an expiry date! Work hard and focus on your goals, remember where you are, how far you have come from, and always be humble."

She called all her friends, family , fans and Kenyans to go witness history in making.

"The road has never been easy, but as I always say, it's not over until I say it's over. The marathon has just begun and we are clocking to the finish line. Sending love to all that believe in me."

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