Signs your relationship is being controlled by witchcraft or curses

• Sam says contrary to what many believe curses and witchraft still works in 2023.

Sam West

Motivational speaker Sam West now says contrary to what many believe, curses and witchcraft still work in 2023.

Sam shared things to look out for to identify signs your relationship is being controlled by witchcraft or curses

Blockages in life

There are always obstacles in your life. Nothing seems to work whether it is a job or relationships.Everything you do seems to hit a wall. Curses have existed since the time of Noah and Jacob.

Unusual health problems

You are always visiting one doctor after another trying to find solutions to ailments that never seem to end.

We have seen people ailing from unexplained illnesses, sadly some die without finding answers.


Check and see if there are common things that happened to your great-grandparents and your parents.

This might include unexplained deaths, joblessness, insanity, etc.

Unusual mental state

You are always depressed and you never know where it is coming from.

You always have nightmares etc.

Have you ever been in a relationship where curses and witch craft was involved?

Do curses & witchcraft affect your relationship?

Posted by Sam West on Monday, October 30, 2023

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