Sam West shares reasons why most relationships keep failing

• Sam says some of the reasons relations fail because of self sabotage.

Sam west

In modern-day society, it is no shock to see people jump from one relationship to another.

For some, it is by choice while for others it is just fate.

Motivational speaker Sam West has shared reasons most people's relationships keep failing

Making bad choices

It is said where you meet your partner matters a lot. The company you keep also plays a big.

Before saying yes, ask why you are saying Yes.


Some people never feel like they are good enough.

They do not think they deserve love. When someone tries getting close they push them away.

Such people feel threatened and may have internal issues and traumas they never dealt with.

Always expecting rejection

The spirit of rejection is real.

Some people have faced rejection so many times that they always anticipate it before it happens.

You are too dependent on your partner

You lacked a father figure growing up

Fathers determine how you relate with men.

Fathers provide affection, affirmation, and attention.

If you missed this growing up, you might end up looking for such in the wrong people.

Ignoring red flags

Assuming you will change someone is a mistake most people make.

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Why all your relationships fail.

Posted by Sam West on Sunday, October 29, 2023

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