Muthoni Mukiri- I dated a narcissist for two years, It ruined my self esteem


• Mukiri says dating a narcissist was draining and ruined her self esteem.

• She has since healed.

Muthoni wa Mukiri.
Image: Instagram

Former Inooro TV presenter Muthoni Wa Mukiri has shared how dating a narcissist drained her.

The mother of one says at the time, she was in the prime of her career but her then-boyfriend made her feel useless.

In an interview with Sharon Mwangi, she says the man would even tap her phone.

"Around my mid-20s I dated a narcissist, it messed up my self-esteem.

I was a news anchor for Inooro TV. People would celebrate but in the relationship, it was all insults.

He would make me feel like I had nothing to offer. I was broken, I was hurting.I used to cry a lot, I had a lot of anxiety."

When did she decide she was done?

"One day we fought and we did not talk for a while.I decided to go for therapy.

I was initially going for therapy because I thought I had lost a good man.

I thought I was the problem."

Muthoni says it took the intervention of the therapist to know she was not the problem.

"He was insecure and would track my phone and everything.My therapist explained to me I was dating a narcissist.That is when I started my healing journey. I used to think I was the problem."

Muthoni has since gotten married and become a mum.


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