Mustafa- I dated Huddah Monroe for two weeks


• Mustafa has in the past dated Marya and Noti Flow.

• There were allegations of abuse and infidelity in the relationships.

colonel mustapha
colonel mustapha

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustapha now alleges he and socialite Huddah Monroe dated for two weeks.

In an interview on Iko Nini podcast, he said

"Huddah and I dated for only two weeks."

What did he like about her?

"I never got time to know her well, you need time to know someone.

We were supposed to do a song, we met up in a studio, and things happened and ended.

Me and Huddah hooked up after Marya and I broke up.

She is the greatest."

At the time Huddah had featured in a music video.

How was the experience dating Noti Flow?

'It was toxic, It was like being in a war.She was insecure."

In the past Mustafa alleged to having been physically abused by Noti Flow.

"She was very violent. She used to bite me I even have marks to prove that.

She used to beat me up because she knew I would never beat her coz If I did I would kill her.

Beat? what would I even beat? I would only beat you in the bedroom only (s@x)' said Mustapha.'


“Alikua mvilolent alianza kuniuma… nimepigwa meno nina maalama kibao. Alikua ananichapa cz siezi mrudishia cz mi nitaua nikipiga, sasa napiga napiga nini..mimi nitakupiga kivipi mida mida lakini ngumi sikupigi. Mimi nitakupiga usiku tu,”

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