Kambua shares experience being nagged by social media 'womb watcher's

• Kambua has had four pregnancies.

• She lost two pregnancies, while two survived.

Kambua Mathu.
Image: Instagram

Former media personality Kambua has shared how broken she was after she suffered a miscarriage.

Sharing a #TBT photo of herself, Kambua shared how heartbroken she was at the time the photo was taken.

Unknown to many at the time she had lost a pregnancy.

"Facebook reminded me of this day. Quick story. I had gone to visit my mom, hukooo ushago. What the picture doesn’t tell you is that I had only recently had a #miscarriage.

This season of my life was so dark, it felt like a blur.

The sense of loss was so so heavy. I was also battling the constant nagging from womb watchers on the socials- “when will you have a baby”? They didn’t even know that I was nursing a broken heart and an ailing womb."

Kambua says the support she got from her mum and the prayers came in handy.

"I remember the day I traveled back home, my mom sat with me and as is her custom, prayed for me. I remember her words like it was yesterday.

She prayed in Kamba (I will translate), “Ngai, asanda kwa mwana ula watunengie, na asyoka kwaku. Yu Ngai twivoya utunenge ula wa kwikala”.

I wept. Oh I wept! 😭Ok so the translation is: God, thank you for the baby that you gave us, but soon came back to you.

Now God we pray that you give us the one who will stay 🧎🏾‍♀️🥹.I’m still emotional as I write this because you see, even though so much has happened since, there are moments you never quite forget.I will never forget the state of my heart, and I will never forget the comfort and assurance of those words.And God is faithful."

Not long after Kambua's mum prayed for her, she got pregnant and by the grace of God, she carried the pregnancy to term.

"He soon gave us the one who stayed.I’m sharing this to encourage anyone who is at their wits end. I specifically want to encourage a woman, perhaps a couple whose dream to motherhood or being parents has seemed so elusive.

The losses have been so heavy…the delay… the disappointment.

I pray for you today, that God in his wisdom and miraculous way, will turn your story around.It doesn’t matter HOW he does it, it only matters that he will do it. He will give you the one who will stay.From my heart, to yours 🦋💕

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