'You Idiots!' Zari savagely explains why she rarely changes Tiffah's hairstyle

• The famous socialite's daughter is well-known for her never-changing braided style.

Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan has responded harshly to questions from fans about why she never changes her daughter Tiffah Dangote's hairstyle.

Through a short video she uploaded on her Snapchat page, Zari decided to break the silence about people asking her why she has never changed the appearance of her daughter Tiffah's hair.

The socialite said that she decided to let her daughter enjoy her life as a child and is not on the internet to please people by giving her daughter a new hairstyle every few days.

She also said that the reason why Tiffah lives with that one style of braiding hair all the time is due to the fact that in South Africa right now they are in the summer and the child at school is always swimming in the swimming pool which if he gives him a new style the water will destroy it.

"'Oh don't you change your daughter's hair, she looks bad and you look good all the time..' does it concern you? In South Africa, it is summer right now. It could be 3 days in a row that they swim at school after lunch.

When she comes home we also have a swimming pool, she does the same. I decided to let my daughter enjoy herself like a child..."

"I don't want her to look perfect to the online community as if her mother does this and she does it because I want to make you fools happy.

She is a child and she enjoys the summer and she swims with African hair like that, which is usually a good look," said Zari.

The mother of five children who is also Diamond Platnumz's baby mama finished by strongly calling out those who consider her family's issue to be their own.

"When she leaves for school in the morning, she is always well prepared and looks beautiful for running to school. Her hair is always well done and she goes to school, right? Since you decided to do your thing, I hope now you got answers, you idiots," Zari finished.

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