Traumatic moment that made Amber Ray stop believing in God temporarily

• "Marriage works, I want to keep it private for some time. Love is a beautiful thing, never give up on love," she definitely declared.

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray has heavily defended her decision to fight for her marriage to Kennedy Rapudo. She has also confronted claims made severally that she practices witchcraft and prostitution.

The socialite missed out on the tree planting exercise that was held on Monday, Nov 13, which was declared a public holiday.

To make up for it, she took her son Gavin and a tree campaigner Baraka to do her part in a Go Green Campaign.

It was while in this process that she was interviewed by several bloggers about her marriage. On the Vicki Vickinah channel, Amber declared that marriage works, and her dedication to ensuring her relationship works despite challenges.

She addressed an online claim that she has gone to court to file a domestic violence affidavit among other actions protesting witchcraft and prostitution claims.

"I didn't know about that. No, I haven't seen that, You know a lot goes on on social media and you know so many of these bloggers try to use my name coz they know...when you go through the stories anywhere I've been posted, the comments are a lot. Like people love talking about me," she said it's a plus.

"It gives me work and that's why I am who I am. I have nothing to say about that -allegations. Some of them are true but I don't want to go into details."

She had been accused many times of witchcraft, "Actually I've done videos on my YouTube channel before I was not able to address it because it was something that caught me unaware. I love God and even if my lifestyle doesn't portray I'm a Christian, I love God and I know God loves me."

She said the claims affected her, "It really affected my relationship with God. Like at some point, I had to stop believing in God. But I healed, and now I am fully healed that's why after some time now I was able to talk about the story on my YouTube."

She added that the witchcraft claims have not affected her family. 

"The moment it happened I addressed it with my son."

She has also landed the wrath of social users who don't agree with her decision to take back Rapudo.

"Marriage works, I want to keep it private for some time. Love is a beautiful thing, never give up on love," she definitely declared.

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