'I rebuke you!' Elsa Majimbo tells off her dark skin critics

• The content creator has been a constant source of trolling ever since she became a big name in the game.

Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

A few days ago, Elsa Majimbo endorsed a fan's comment about her being a beautiful woman adding that it's all down to, "No wahala. Just luxury".

The fan was complimenting her Diwali outfit (above) that she wore to a soiree in Bel Air, Los Angeles.  She shared her stunning black dress, showing off her body, and social media reacted.

This appears to have upset her as she took to Twitter to deliver her response after a video with a heartfelt message to her haters.  People were telling her that money changed her. 

On November 16 she appealed to the Internet saying she didn't want to fight the allegations. This she did in a TikTok video on her account. 

On Friday night Nov 17, she wrote,

"Not some of y’all saying money can’t wash my dark skin I rebuke you. Yuck," she wrote.

She fired back at several comments, after that to a person she is bitter about.

"Colorism is alive and kicking," Elsa pointed out.

@Teekaystan chimed in with this comment that Elsa reacted to writing, "Don't let anyone tell!! you are light skin."

She rejected this noting, "No I’m not. I’m dark skin and love it." There were however a ton of encouraging comments from her supporters.

Read below:

@Sinelizwi_...they can only wish they had the money. Don't let them get under your skin boo.

@Jess....We love you Elsa. Stay true to you

@laikasnewlife...Don’t ever let it get to you girl… You’re beautiful

God’s Princess ...Embrace the beauty that radiates from within you! Your dark skin is a treasure

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