Celestine and Njugush advice couples on domestic violence

• Recently Avril accused her baby daddy J Blessing of physically assaulting her.

THe two lost their luggage on their way to their UK show
Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) and her husband Timothy Kimani (Njugush) THe two lost their luggage on their way to their UK show

Content Creators Celestine Ndinda and her husband Timothy Kimani alias Njugush attended the celebration to mark Hart The Band's musical journey in Kenya.

The band members have been in music for ten years and celeb fans came out to celebrate that achievement.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Cele and Njugush weighed in on GBV cases that have been highlighted in the media in the past few months.

Most recent was singer Avril who accused her baby daddy J Blessing of physical assault. Blessing addressed the matter admitting his role in the incident.  Celestine said she is horrified when she hears of those cases.

"There is a certain feeling that I feel, not a good one, a bad one, when I see those things still happening especially in our generation, yenyewe tumeziona si poa. Nothing good comes out of it. So if we can stop GBV, tafadhali stop GBV," she urged.

Njugush on the other hand, "I think that one, gender-based violence must not happen and not to one gender, to everyone,  To no one. It should never happen., Two if you cannot solve your issues, wachaneni. Hakuan jaha uchape mtu," he questions spouses that hit each other.

He told how couples with such challenges should move when they encounter such moments,

"Time heals everything and as long as you are friends I don't think there is no issue you cannot settle," he advised.

Celestine also weighed in on Kenyans being warned against tolerating repeated domestic violence incidences involving their spouse.

She said that leaving a marriage or relationship should be a personal decision, not one made due to social media pressure

"Well, you cant tell someone it has to be the person ndio ajiambie you cant tell someoen to do it. So tuwache kwanza yeye mwenyewe ajiambie."

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