Anaishi Tanzania!? New video causes speculation over Tanasha's living situation

• The Kenyan beauty left Tanzania in early 2020 after splitting with her baby daddy.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha
Image: Instagram

Questions are arising about whether Tanasha Donna lives with her son Naseeb Junior who has been staying in Tanzania with his father, Diamond Platnumz.

The little boy has been hanging out with the singer and his extended family, showing us that he has even enrolled in a prestigious school in Tanzania.

However Tanasha has not been in a lot of those pictures and videos, but she has been seen hanging out with Singer Nandy.

This has raised questions about whether she is fully in Tanzania with her son and what were the living arrangements.

Tanasha was Friday, Nov 17 spotted driving the white Land Cruiser that Diamond Platnumz gifted her for her birthday years ago.

The car that Diamond gifted Tanasha
Image: Courtesy

She was driving the vehicle as a lady in the passenger seat was seen holding Naseeb Junior on her lap.

The Kenyan beauty was speaking to Diamond's new signee Dvoice as she congratulated him on making a major move with her baby daddy.

In a video on IG WasafiTv, Dvoice approaches the car as she rolls down the window to greet him. Tanasha is heard briefly saying,

"I saw you I enjoyed the show yesterday so much I was watching it," Dvoice thanked her.

The Toyota Land Cruiser TX was a special gift from the WCB boss to the then-pregnant Tanasha who also shares a birth date with his mother.

Tanasha was turning 24 then in 2019. When they broke up over infidelity claims and she left Tanzania, she opened up about the car.

“The car is in Tanzania; I had no interest in taking it. I have my car, my BMW. I am not going to leave a relationship and say I am going to take this car, or I am taking this. I can get myself a car, I can get myself what I need,” said Donna in an interview with True Love magazine.

There was a lot of back and forth and it was discovered that Diamond registered the car under his mother's name.

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