Thee Pluto reacts to Kenyans questioning if he actually owns the lavish home

• Thee Pluto had taken to his socials to flaunt the new mansion.

• He has assured fans the house is his.

Sam West with his baby mama Felicity and their daughter

Thee Pluto's Islamic styled home has many Kenyans doubting the ownership of the property.

The content creator 3 days ago took Kenyans on a tour of the house, while responding to comments.

"sometimes when someone posts something like a car, a house, or an achievement, people have different notions. Some see it as bragging," he reacted to trolls.

"If you ask me the secret to my journey, I will tell you its God" he credited his success.

He added that he has not been willing to show family content because of cyberbullying

"do you guys remember me telling you that I am depressed and all that? Manze I was being attacked online by people who I deemed as friends, ikakuwa noma. I was so depressed. But when you find God in your heart from that time I began to become prayerful so from that time I had less courage to do content but guys I am back"

The Forex and binary trader said he is excited to furnish the house but added it's  a heavy investment.

His biggest critic has been tiktoker Truthwatchdog who claims Thee Pluto is renting and does'nt own it.

Thee Pluto reacted on IG stories "Without even saying its mine or not mine or wateva, critics walishajaa online. Because the imagination of it coudl be mine ilikuwa inawaua sana they had to seek validation and seconda of fame. Hakuankitu mbaya kama kuchanganya umaskini na wivu"

He continued "But the love of my fans is laways overwhelming in the comments section. Nawalombotov sana. I love my life being a mystery. So Ill answer this.  'Its a lifetime airbnb' tuachie mungu atende makuu"


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