Video that has caused Georgina Njenga to receive fierce backlash from Kenyans

• The content creator has not responded to the furious criticism she received. 

Georgina Njenga
Image: Instagram

Content creator Georgina Njenga is facing the wrath of social media after sharing a video she believes was hilarious, pranking her nanny.

The mother of one wrote, "I pranked my nanny for the first time😂😂wueeh," as she indicated she was returning to her YouTube channel that has remained inactive for a while.

The prank involved leaving bundles of money on the floor, to accuse the nanny of theft. According to the Nanny's reaction, the money was found hidden in her clothes by the TikToker.

The nanny vehemently denied stealing from her employer, who told her to take the money and pack her bags.

"So you see this money take it, and leave, go to your home," Georgina orders.

The nanny exclaims, "Niende wapi?" as Georgina responds, "Si kwenyu!!"

"Apana mimi hiyo pesa sijui ilitoka wapi. Sielewi kabisa, sielewi," she denies stealing.

She adds that she doesn't understand how money can be found in her clothes and yet she never had it in the first place.

The dup engages in a back-and-forth that displeases netizens who tell off Georgina for the humiliation.

Here are reactions:

mugozsuzzyanna...Mimi ukinifanyia hii prank naacha kazi roho safi

miss254amk...Never joke with people called nannies.. give them their respect..some pranks its a NO

betty_kyalo_...Even if it’s a prank, kuna haka kanabweka as if hapo n kwake Eti pack na uende😂😂

ledivapeters...No this is disrespectful hapana ata kama ni prank ziii

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