Avril makes astonishing Instagram move after baby daddy drama

• The mom of one has had a whirlwind Wednesday which ended with her baby daddy saying they had agreed to part ways.

Image: Instagram

Avril has deactivated her Instagram account after speaking out about fights with her baby daddy J Blessing. The account that had over 2 million followers no longer exists. 

The pair trended on Wednesday, Nov 15 after she posted and deleted a picture with a bruised face.  She later returned online to admit she had forgiven her lover while asking Kenyans to extend the same grace to him.

J Blessing later in a statement, admitted to an altercation and shared his pain about their life being made public.

The physical confrontation led to the two seeking medical help as they were injured.

Avril beaten up by her baby daddy

He, however, clarified that one of the photos posted by Avril had been taken almost a year ago when they had an altercation and they both got hurt.

J Blessing added that he took Avril to hospital, and took full responsibility for that incident.

“I sincerely apologise for any harm I have caused Avril or any other person. I am not innocent but I would like to clarify a few things.

“About a year ago we had a physical altercation where we both got hurt and on that day, I immediately took her to the hospital at Aga Khan. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures she posted is from that incident,” he wrote.

He further added, that the two of them had an altercation on Tuesday night but there was no physical harm.

He then said they had agreed to part ways after a tumultuous seven-year relationship.

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