We have a list - Tanzanian Gvt says about celebs using drugs

• The TZ Gvt is gearing up to take action on weed users

• A lab to test users nearing completion

Image: Courtesy

Wema Sepetu and BillNas among other celebrities have reacted to a Government warning of a crackdown on famous people using illegal substances.

Tanzanian artists who use weed, and cocaine among other narcotics have been issued with a warning to cease the habit or risk arrest.

The Commissioner General of the Drug Control and Anti-Drug Authority (DCEA), Aretas Lyimo issued the warning saying the Government already has a list of those who engage in this habit.

He added that they are being monitored with action to be taken later.

Lyimo added that a Criminal Science and Inspection lab is being built with modern facilities to analyze samples.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam City, Lyimo said

"I call on artists who use narcotics we have a list of them, we have the list of those who smoke bhang, we have the lists of those who smoke heroin and cocaine, we are giving you time to correct themselves, when our laboratory facilities are complete we will take all steps, we will test you and when we are satisfied you use them. Action will be taken including being taken to court."

In 2019, Tanzania was ranked highest with users of marijuana in East Africa. The UK's New Frontier Data suggested Tanzanians' consumption of cannabis beat Kenyan and Uganda.

"Inform the artists we are giving them time, and when the laboratory is complete we will deal with them, BASATA we had a meeting with them and they agreed that we take action we will take their names, and we will not care about the size of the artist, we will not tell how much he is loved by the fans as long as he uses drugs we will take action against him" Lyimo continued

He said the crackdown would be more painful as opposed to other measures

“Some artists are being persuaded by their fellow artists to use weed and other narcotic drugs, I repeat we have not completed the construction of our lab, when our lab is complete we will deal with them”

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