Uproar forces Kindiki to revise charges for new IDs, replacement


• Interior CS Kithure Kindiki on Tuesday revoked the earlier Gazette Notice and issued a new one with a proposal of the new charges, subject to public participation.

Kithure Kindiki
Image: The-Star

According to a new plan, Kenyans who want to get a new ID will now have to pay Sh300 instead of Sh1,000, which the State had previously gazetted.

On Tuesday, Interior CS Kithure Kindiki withdrew the previous Gazette Notice and published a new one that included a suggestion for the additional charges and called for public input.

The government would cover the costs for Kenyans in need, such as orphans and others who can prove they are too impoverished to pay the Sh300 needed for a new ID.

"On the particular issue of acquisition of NationalIdentity Cards by previously not registered citizens, the Government shall defray the costs of the revised charges, fees and levies through a waiver for indigent Kenyans who demonstrate inability to pay," Kindiki said.

In the new proposal, Kenyans will now replace their lost IDs at a cost of Sh1,000 and not Sh2,000 indicated in the revoked Gazette Notice.

The cost of changing the particulars of an ID has remained unchanged. Kenyans will pay the initial amount of Sh1,000.

Those seeking to have Identification Reports will have to pay Sh1000, up from the initial amount of Sh300.

Civil Servants cards in the new proposal will cost Sh1,000, up from Sh100.

Staff badges will now cost Sh1,000,  which is almost three times the initial amount.

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