Ciku Muiruri’s daughter's massive frustrations over kidnapping court case

• The kidnapping case follows on the claim that Erica and her friend had been kidnapped by 2 men after hailing a cab from the Bolt ride hailing app.

Ciku Muiruri
Image: Instagram

Media personality Ciku Muiruri's daughter Erica Njeri Gachoka isn't a happy camper at the moment over the way her kidnapping court case has been proceeding.

Her being upset stems from the mention of the case last week at Thika Magistrates Court, when Erica and Shanice showed up in court to follow up on proceedings only to see their alleged kidnappers walking free.

They were in court to hear the case in which Erica and her friend Shanice Agose alleged that they were abducted on June 4 and later rescued on June 11.

The two prime suspects are accused of the crime of Kidnapping and Abduction with intent to cause grievous harm with one of the accused being released on Sh100,000 bail after denying the charges.

“On this episode of what tf is the Kenyan judicial system?? We pulled up to court last Thursday to see…Kidnapper: Timothy Nganga Kiragu….Free and vibing!! no cuffs, no security nearby,” Erica noted on her social media.

She continued by criticising the legal system, stating that if they had come before the case was called, they would have been seated in the same waiting area as their kidnapper.

“We were to sit in the same waiting area until our case was called which we almost missed because we weren’t trying to be there. Anyways, he’s been out on cash bail and the proceedings have been postponed to end of Feb. There’s big feelings of anger and fatigue because I really want this to be over!” she said.

She however had some words of gratitude writing, “Also grateful for the sun, trees and all the support x love raining down 🍃”

Erica's post lamenting her court frustrations comes 5 months after calling out taxi-hailing service, Bolt. They claimed that after attending a house party in Westlands, the 2 used the Bolt taxi application to travel to Kilimani.

But upon getting into the vehicle, they claim that their abductors (the driver wielding a hammer) demanded a ransom of Sh250,000 from each of them for their release, while speeding off towards Thika.

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