Bunny Asila-People are hating because I came with 400 wazungu

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Bunny Asila is a gospel musician, professional actor and a director at the Mziki Tours based in Finland.

Bunny Asila
Image: Instagram

While speaking to a joint media interview, gospel musician Bunny Asila spoke on the ongoing hate that other gospel musicians have against him.

Bunny was on tour for the last one and a half months and arrived in Kenya yesterday because he wanted to hold another tour and had missed his home country.

The musician started by ridiculing his haters terming them as not having any inspiration and that was why they always looked for him.

"For me nashkuru Mungu, unajua mti unaopigwa ni ule wenye matunda mingi, mti huna matunda huwezi rusha mawe kule, so the fact that they are commenting watu wanaongea mimi nashkuru waendele tu I'm happy to be an inspiration to them na waendele kupiga kazi."

He further added that they should all work hard and not talk trash about him when he is also trying to make a living.

"Tupige kazi we all have 24 hours in a day, time and chance happen to everybody that is what the bible says so tupige kazi, wenye kuongea waache waonge mimi nitaendela kupiga kazi yangu nashkuru mungu kwa kipawa ambacho amenipatia.

Other than talking about his haters, he bragged that he was the only gospel musician who had gone on tour in four different countries. 

"Hapa Kenya sidhani kuna msani a gospel artist ameenda maybe 4 different countries yaani amepiga tour in four countries na you haven't gone to minister or sing for Kenyans, you are going to sing for an international audience. 

He further boasted;

"I don't think there's any artist in Kenya that has done that so the fact that I have done that mimi nashukuru Mungu siyo kawaida, so kama watu wanaongea kwa sababu ya hiyo tu nashukuru Mungu, kama wanavita wasipigane na mimi wapigane na Mungu."

The gospel musician also touched on the issues that had led to the ongoing hate among his fellow gospel artists.

"Watu wanaongea kwa sababu nimekuja hapa na wazungu mia nne, mwaka ujao wanakuja elfu moja. Wapigane na Mungu sio mimi, kama wanasema tunacheza na tunakatika, nashkuru  Mungu na nyenyekea nikiwa mbele ya Mwenyezi Mungu."

He finished by telling all those who were against him he'll continue working hard and will continue working no matter what people say.

"Kazi lazima tuchape waonge waseme nini kazi lazima tuchape."

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