'Who introduced you to God?' Chito Ndlovu's interesting question to Kenyans


• "Who introduced you to God?'

Chito Ndlovu
Image: Courtesy

Today on The Morning Show, God's child Chito Ndlovu decided to take us to the church. He decided that today is the day to talk about God.

The question of the day is, "Who introduced you to God?'

Chito: "I have been talking to my pals, you know most of them have grown up in a Christian family and that makes me wonder if they would raise their children in a Godly environment.

I asked some of them the question, if they would raise their children in a Christian environment and some of them said Naah' all live life as it is.''

Many people are introduced and taught about God but it comes to a point you hear them saying that they don't believe in Him.

Maybe it is something that happened along the way or they never got a chance to experience God. Here are Kiss FM's listener's responses on how they got to know God.

Caller: my dad never did that and if he did then it must be so rare that I can't even remember but my mum has played a very big role in introducing me to God and I am raising my children the same.

Caller: My parents are the ones who introduced me to God, they raised me in a Christian environment. They used to tell me to go to church, attend Sunday school, and also give offerings.

Caller: My parents introduced me to God until today I still believe in Him. Thanks to my parents.

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