Pastor Ng'ang'a has furious response to woman sleeping during his sermon

• This year, the controversial pastor has hit headlines over several incidence

Pastor Ng'ang'a during his daughters wedding in Karen

A video has gone viral online after it showed Neno Evangelism Centre pastor, James Nga'ng'a waking a sleeping woman up during his church service.

A shocked Ng'ang'a asked where she was from before he asked her to walk out and take a breather.

"Where are you from? Wake up and take your stuff. Leave and stay outside, you will come later."

He also gave her another solution to her sleepiness.  

"Enda upigwe na baridi. Anyeshewe na mvua asikie baridi."

He then warned his congregants against sitting next to a sleeping person, "Nikikuta mtu amelala akiwa karibu na wewe nakutoa na yeye."

This year, the controversial pastor has hit headlines over several incidences. Just recently, he gave single people an ultimatum of six months to get married.

"For people who have not married or been married. I have given you a six month ultimatum.  If not , why should your wife, husband be snatched. Do not tell me about mpango wa kando., stop these nonsense."

"Tell me your weaknesses, because people with the most problems are married women."

Previously, he had given his story of how he got called out for marrying a much younger woman.

"When I got married to my wife, men of God criticized me saying she was very young. Even if she is young, she is mine. Siwezi oa ng’ombe mzee kama hizi. I can’t get married to old women like these ones here,” he said.

"He said he married a young woman since he considered someone with who he will enjoy life in his old age."

“If I took an old woman like these here and we start using pressure medicine, who will remind the other? The weather in Nairobi is also very cold. We might end up dying in the house while looking for warmth using a jiko,” he said.

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