Nyota Ndogo makes beautiful pregnancy update (video)

• The mom of 2 stunned many Kenyans a few weeks ago when she revealed she was pregnant.

Nyota Ndogo
Image: Instagram

A few weeks ago, coast-born veteran musician Mwanaisha Abdalla popularly known as Nyota Ndogo revealed her pregnancy to her fans on social media.

In the caption of her post, the veteran singer jokingly claimed that the child she was carrying was very happy after hearing that their white in-laws would be visiting them soon from Denmark.

"Kaskia's whole family from Denmark is coming for her so today she played a lot," Nyota said on Instagram.

The mother of two who is currently married to a Danish man, Henning Neilsen also expressed her pride in how the child she is carrying has continued to grow well in her womb.

Singer Nyota Ndogo announced the news of the pregnancy of what will be her third child early in September using a photo that showed her holding her protruding belly.

Later, the mother of two children however made it clear that her husband, Henning Neilsen has warned her against talking too much about her pregnancy with the media or other outsiders.

The 42-year-old artist who currently runs her restaurant in the VoI area said she was only allowed to talk about herself and her music and not the pregnancy until she gave birth.

"Thank you for your congratulations, but the media will forgive me. My husband has said that he does not want to see me talking about my situation on any radio TV station or the police. So if I give an interview, it should be about me and my music and not my pregnancy, or I won't give it until I give birth," Nyota Ndogo said.

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