Kumbe! Churchill show comedian Adhis Jojo's celeb crush is a favourite for many female celebs

• The stage performer is among the latest to confess their feelings for the popular singer. It appears the singer has stolen the hearts of many famous girls.

Adhis Jojo
Image: Instagram

The much-awaited Luo festival was the venue for all things big and grand. Tons of Kenyans showed up for the festivities including our Luopean celebrities.

Among them was Churchill show comedienne Joan Adhiambo aka Adhis Jojo, who spoke to Sawa media TV confessing her secret crush is Otile Brown.

The shy content creator told that above all, Otile has stolen her heart. His sex appeal caught her attention as she confessed laughingly. "Kwa mkimawazo he is the one, lakini kwa mfuko ni Atwoli." 

The stage performer is among the latest to confess their feelings for Otile. It appears the singer has stolen the hearts of many famous girls.

Otile Brown
Image: Instagram

Among those who have said they have a crush on Otile include Lilian Muli, who in 2021, and asked by a fan in a Q&A who her Kenyan crush was.

“Otile Brown, he is very talented,” she replied.

Another celebrity with a crush on Otile was genge singer Ssaru who in April this year confessed her feelings, but changed her mind after he ignored her.

She had encouraged him to shoot his shot but he never did. "I forgot about him completely. He looks good, but it was just a normal crush. It was not like I was too obsessed with him," she said.

Otile has previously said that he finds it hard to find genuine love. He told Radio Jambo that he is not sure of a woman's real intentions.

"If I get a real person, I would settle down. I'm not searching anyway, sitafutii kabisa ila nachukua muda wangu."

Even Instagram model Maxwell Mwamburi has a crush on Otile. He told Mpasho in July this year as well that he had a dream where the artist had prophesied his interest in him.

"Not me seeing Otile Brown in my dreams on his knees in some beachfront resort in Mombasa confessing his long-term desire for me!!"

Mwamburi says most of his dreams come to pass.

"I was so confused He was spitting it all out in the muftiest of swahili fluency ever...I can't remember saying Yes but I was just still the whole time what in the ***** I rarely have dreams and when I do it either somehow it ends up happening. I don't know what the universe was letting me know but Otile my eyes are on you bway!" he ended his brief thoughts.

The reference to Kiswahili is because Otile was born on the Coast and is fluent and how he talks and sings is romantic.

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