I wasn't born this way-Senator Crystal Asige opens up about how she started going blind as a teenager

• After undergoing many eye tests over the years, the eye doctors finally determined that she had a disease called 'Glaucoma'.

Crystal Asige
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator, and former Sol Generation artiste, Crystal Asige has revealed that she was born with full sight.

In an exclusive interview with radio presenter Massawe in Japan on Radio Jambo, Crystal who was nominated to the senate last year to represent people living with disabilities revealed that she realized her eyesight when she was about fourteen years old.

"I was not born like this, I had full sight when I was born. But I got to a point in high school when I was about 14-15 years old, that's when I started to see that there was a problem with my eyes, I couldn't see well," Crystal said.

The soft-spoken singer said she discovered her eye problem when she started having problems seeing the board, reading, and doing other things that required looking carefully.

"I saw darkness at that time. I said, 'Okay, mother wears glasses, old man wears glasses, maybe glasses are all I need.' So I went to the eye doctor and he told me that I don't only need glasses, there is a problem with my eyes in the back," he said.

Crystal said that after undergoing many eye tests over the years, the eye doctors finally determined that she had a disease called 'Glaucoma'.

"Glaucoma is an eye problem that involves pressure in the eyes. It is not the blood pressure that we are used to hearing about, it is the pressure in the eye which, if it is too high, eats the eye so it cannot see. It's just going slowly, it's not something that happens today, and tomorrow you see the difference. It's very slow, it takes years," she explained.

The singer explained that her condition continued to worsen when she was between 15-21 years old and finally she became completely blind.

Crystal revealed that she had a hard time accepting her new situation and accepting her new life after losing her sight.

"It was difficult. Many nights I cried, I was praying. I ask God why me? Especially because he gave me the ability to make music, on stage, to be an actor. I loved those things. I was always fighting with God but there came a time when God told me to calm down. Since that day I have been assured that God is protecting me," she said.

Crystal however said that now she has already accepted her condition and has learned to chase her dreams despite not being able to see.

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