Jalang'o left in amazement after KRG buys the car he's been dreaming about

• The musician once claimed that he has a net worth of Sh5 billion.

KRG The Don

With an expenditure statement on his Mpesa that reads Sh30 million, Krg The Don can certainly afford all the luxury he wants.

KRG The Don has a new whip, the most sought-after LWB SV. Bughaa as he calls himself showed off the luxurious vehicle in a video n his Instagram where he shared a note about his ambitions.

"Maisha Nù Maya Bughaaa wa @betnareke x @automotivesparkle Alooooooh!!!! Cheza kama unaweza," he told

Jalang'o reacted, "LWB SV🔥"

The  Range Rover 4.4 l Petrol long wheelbase ( LWB) SV is something Jalango had earlier manifested saying he intends to own such a vehicle. He did not mention how soon.

According to LandRoverUSA.com, "Range Rover SV’s tailored features is a choice of two optional curated SV interior and exterior design themes.

SV Serenity and SV Intrepid take exquisite color and material finishes in distinct directions, inside or out. Both theme options are available on Standard and Long Wheelbase versions with a powerful 606 HP V8 Twin Turbo Engine."

The luxury extends to the interior of the car again in a description from the car maker

"Our interiors are developed to deliver the comfort, technology and tranquillity you would expect at home. All SV models are available with the option of our ultimate rear seat entertainment experience — 13.1-inch screens, the largest on any Range Rover — and high-performance headphones with enhanced clarity, exclusively on all SV models."

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