'Friends advised me to dump my sick husband' Wife to footballer Ezekiel Otuoma reveals

• Racheal says she wishes life can go back to the way they were before he got sick.

• The couple suffered two miscarriages, currently they have no child.

Racheal Otuoma and her footballer husband Ezekiel Otuoma

Racheal Otuoma, wife to footballer Ezekiel Otuoma now says her friends have advised her to ditch her husband. 

She has whoever vowed to stick by him through thick and thin.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, she shared

"We met during a friend's birthday party.

He tried shooting his shot that day but I did not give in. He never gave up so later I finally gave in.

He was ready to settle down and I was also looking forward to getting married.

He introduced me to his mum. At the time he was playing for Muhoroni Youth.

He proposed in front of my colleagues at work. We wed in May 2015.'

Racheal says marriage was not a bed of roses.

" He went to Ulinzi Stars then to Western Stima.

At the time we were not living together as the teams he was working for were not around.

I was in Nairobi myself.

At some point, he was moved to AFC Leopards and that is when we got a chance to live together."

Racheal explained that the disease started as a joke

"Otuoma started getting sick like the flu. We gave him homemade concoctions.

 His voice kept going away, his speech became slurred.

A team player suggested we go and have tests carried out. We looked for a neurologist.

The tests were carried out and he was diagnosed with Motor neurone disease"

MND) is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness that gets worse over time. There's no cure for MND, but there are treatments to help reduce the impact it has on a person's daily life.

" We went to India and he was diagnosed with the same thing.

When we came back I visited different pastors. Some pastors alleged Otuoma's teammates had worked against him.

 Some alleged that some family members were responsible for his condition.

We even went to Kampala."

At some point, they accepted his condition

"We had to sit down as a family and agree that he was indeed sick.

My life has never been sick since he got sick. I am never at peace.

He can't speak, feed, talk, or do anything for himself. It has not been easy on him too."

Why has she hung around

"Friends have told me to leave him, that if roles were reversed Otuoma would have deserted me.

Even if he ever gets well and changes, I will have done my part.

He treated me good and I will hang around."

In conclusion, she added

"I do not see Otuoma's friends now.

The first two years they were there but not anymore. They disappeared.

I also lost friends. The only people in our lives are our best couple."

Rachael says they had dreams of having a big family and building their own house among other things.

She has thanked Kenyan Tittoker for coming through for her and helping her build a house for Otuoma in the village.

"God bless you, I know you love us and pray that he gets well. I am thankful.

Someone blessed us with a car. The well-wisher saw how I was struggling to take Otuoma to the hospital."

She has asked Kenyans to be kind to care givers as they go through alot.

Any help towards Otuoma can be channeled to 0748369029-Rael Otieno

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