Tristan Thompson: When I cheat I feel disgusted the next day

• The 32-year-old basketballer always makes headlines for cheating on Khloe Kardashian.

Tristan Thompson, the baby daddy of Khloe Kardashian has a history of cheating on the reality star.

The 32-year-old basketballer always makes headlines for being unfaithful and landing the criticism on social media.

He makes an appearance on the Keeping Up With The Kardashian reality show on HULU TV where he addresses these claims.

Tristan has two children with Khloe. they met in 2016 and it is alleged he has been cheating on her since. 

In the preview, Thompson has a serious conversation with girls in an effort to repair their rocky relationships. “In this family, if you do something to one of us, it affects everyone,” Khloé, 39, says.

In a jump clip, Kylie Jenner adds, “Tristan is coming over and I do feel a little nervous.” The athlete finally sits down beside them and shares,

“I’m in the place now where I can own up to the mistakes I made," adding, “Everyone got affected differently, but I think you were affected the most,” Thompson says to Kylie.

At some point, Kourtney chimes in and admits in her confessional that, “Tristan and I really have not connected and I just can’t fake it.” Well… she wasn’t lying.

When she finally gets the chance to speak with the 32-year-old Cleveland basketball player, she asks him if he feels anything after he’s unfaithful.

Thompson responded, “When I cheat, I feel disgusted the next day.” With no hesitation, Kourtney asks, “So why do you do it again!?”

Tristan was reported to have been linked with Kylie's best friend Jordyn in 2018. Khloe and Tristan reconciled before it emerged once again that he had a child with another woman at the same time Khloe was having her second child.

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