Na sijamaliza! Sarah 'Kienyeji original' Kabu's brutal response to haters after botox

• She went on to add that she was sick and tired of the insults from netizens but was finding peace and solace in the fact that her person loved her regardless.

Sarah Kabu
Image: Instagram

Sarah Kabu, managing director of Bonfire Adventures, has responded angrily to those who have criticized her for getting Botox.

The 45-year-old businesswoman claims that the taunts are meaningless because her husband, Simon Kabu, loves her for who she is and that she would soon appear better than all of her critics, who are thus furious.

Sarah responded to the criticism on her TikTok account and informed people that she was just getting started.

The mother of two reiterated that she planned to get liposuction, would also be having a BBL, and, to top it all off, was thinking about lightening her skin tone.

Sarah has suddenly chosen to embrace her role as an abducted baby girl! "Am I the first Kenyan to do Botox? Let's see how it goes," started the entrepreneur.

"Then I bleach. Next year liposuction and booty lift will be a must for the people who like to insult me. I will soon look better than you, just like how you always want.

I am tired of being insulted here, but my person is okay with having a Kienyeji original," the last of her post read.

In the TikTok video, Sarah used a viral sound that goes, "Dating a woman who makes her own money is a blessing because when she says I love you, you know it comes from the heart, not an empty stomach," clearly taking a jab at her 'haters' and relishing in her wealth.

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